What type of groups does the system support?

  • Private Group - Members must request to join or be invited by an admin.
  • Open - Anyone can join without an admins permission.¬†

Can group chat be enabled to enable players/parents send text responses?
Yes, the group chat feature can be enabled or disabled at any time by the group admin via the Settings menu. Enabling chat will open the group for discussion where anyone can provide a response similar to Whatsapp groups. Disabling the group chat feature means players/parent can only respond to events created by the admin selecting one of the predefined answers. e.g: Yes | No | Need a Lift

How can I contact the admin if group chat is disabled?
The "Message the Admin" button will create a 1:1 private chat between you and the group admin.

Can you have multiple administrators in a chat group?
Yes, there is currently no limit to the number of administrators associated with a group. Personnel can be upgraded or downgraded to/from administrator privilege at any time. By default whoever creates the group is the administrator and if a new coach takes over they can be made the main group admin.

Is there an audit trail of messages communicated using the chat feature?
Yes, a full audit trail exists detailing the messages sent and received in the group available to the club executive searchable on date, time and phone number.

How can I see who is in the chat group?
In the chat settings menu (accessed via the 3 vertical dots in the top right) select the Group Info option to see who is in the group. This includes the admin list and general user list.

Can other people see my contact details such as my phone number?
Your name will exist and the last 4 digits of your number will appear with the remaining numbers masked out. E.g: xxxxxx4567

Can I mark myself as absent and set up an auto responder when I'm on holidays?
Yes, a feature similar to the out of office in your email exists where you can set yourself as unavailable for periods of time such as holidays or specific weekends and your group admin will be automatically notified of your absence when communication is sent out.

Can I be a member of more than  group?
Yes, there is currently no limit to the number of groups you can be a part of.

Can I snooze notifications?
Yes, notifications can be silenced for a configurable period of 8 hours, 1 day, 1 week or 1 month. This is done via the Settings -> Snooze Notifications menu. Messages will still appear in your chat but the notifications for new messages will not arrive to your phone.

Do you have to request access to join a groups ?
Yes, you can request to join or be invited to join a group if the group has been created as a private group. Before entering your first group you will have to confirm your age via the ClubZap bot. This is to comply with age consent regulation in place with the main sporting organisations. If a group is configured as a public group you can join with out requiring permission provided your age meets the requirements.

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