Any fundraising events can be promoted and sold via online sales through the ClubZap platform.

  1. To begin the process login to the admin portal

  2. Select the Products link from the menu on the left column.

  3. Select the Products Link from the sub menu. 

Note: This menu item will only appear when you have the online payments setup as detailed here.

The products landing page displays a list of existing products available on the platform split into 2 lists:

  • Currently Live Products

  • Old Products - No Longer available for sale

Creating a new product for sale 

Primary Details

Select Add New Product to start the selling process -

Enter the information describing the product including

Name, Description, Product Type (i.e: Fundraising) 

Required Fields

Customise the form fields for information you wish to collect from the payer:

Note: Any custom fields required for your product please drop an email to with your details and we will configure for you.

Payment Details

Product Visibility: By default, products are visible to your users when they go to your Club Shop. You have the option to make these invisible, so only certain people will be able to buy the product. To share an invisible product with particular members, you can send them the product link which is available on the next page.
Price: Cost of product
Currency: Local currency used in your clubs location
Multiple Purchases: Allow the user to set the quantity of the product that they want (i.e. 1, 2 or 3) and have the total price reflect this. Checking this allows the payer to purchase an unlimited amount of this product. Unchecking this means only 1 product can be consumed in a single purchase transaction.
Pass card fees onto user: When checked transaction fees are passed on to the payer. When unchecked the club absorbs the fees and these are deducted from the product price.
Pass card fees onto user: It is advised that clubs should absorb the transaction fees for anything they sell and adjust the price appropriately to account for these fees. But, in certain circumstances, you may want to pass on the card fees to the end user. In that case, they will be show the price and the transaction fees separately.

Payment options

Payment can be made via:

  • Once off payment of full amount of product cost

  • Payment via instalments where you can specify the number of iterations as well as the recurring payment period. Note: The Price for this option is the total cost of the product - We will do the calculations to ensure the number of installments adds up to the total price.

  • Recurring Payments: A recurring subscription is like a plan that you want your users to sign up to and pay monthly for the foreseeable future (i.e. pay $20 every month). Note that this is different to paying in installments. Subscribers will have to contact you if they want to unsubscribe from the plan and you can action this on your Stripe 

Limit Availability

You can set a limit on the number of products that can be sold and when this limit is reached the product automatically becomes unavailable for purchase. To make the product available for purchase again simply increase the Max Availability Counter or uncheck the Limit Availability box.

Receipt Details

We automatically send an email receipt on behalf of your club to everyone who purchases this product which includes

  • purchase reference number

  • amount paid

  • details of how the payment was made. 

If you would like to add an additional note to the email receipt, please include it below. e.g: "Pick tickets up on the night at the box office"

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