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Getting ClubZap setup for my club
Getting ClubZap setup for my club

How to carry out common tasks as part of ClubZap setup by sport club admins.

How can I register my club?I want to get my club using ClubZap so how can I activate us on the app?
Online Training WebinarsDetails of upcoming training webinars
Connecting your clubs Twitter accountIntegrate your existing Twitter account with ClubZap to update automatically.
How can I start handling online payments?Connect your club's bank account with our payment gateway to start handling payments.
How to connect your clubs Facebook accountIntegrate your existing Facebook account with ClubZap to update automatically.
Edit club detailsEdit your registered club name, county, country and club type associated with your clubs profile.
Can more admins be added to my account?Invite new users to create their own login to access the admin portal.
What levels of admin access are available on the platform?Access levels are managed based on Communications and Payments features and are available to 4 types of user.
How to remove or downgrade an admin user?Downgrade an admin user to an editor or remove a user from access to your clubs account.
I have forgotten my admin passwordI cannot remember my login password, how can I access my account?
Club Emergency Contact InformationContact Details for trained personnel for emergency situations in your sports club can be displayed in your ClubZAp app.
Adding/Updating your Club Crest or LogoAdding a club crest or logo provides a more custom look to your ClubZap app. This can be setup on signup or at a later stage.
Editing your Admin ProfileAdmin users can edit their Name, Email and Phone number associated with their ClubZap profile.
Add new club teams on ClubZapNotifications preferences can be set on a per team basis so any team in your club using ClubZap must be enabled first.