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Getting ClubZap setup for my club
Adding/Updating your Club Crest or Logo
Adding/Updating your Club Crest or Logo

Adding a club crest or logo provides a more custom look to your ClubZap app. This can be setup on signup or at a later stage.

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  1. Login to the admin dashboard:

  2. Select Club Settings => Club Details from the admin menu on the left side

  3. In the Club Logo Section select Choose File

  4. Browse to the location of the image logo (.jpeg, .jpg, .png) on your device

  5. Select Open to upload the image

  6. A cropping tool will appear allowing you to centre and align your logo and preview how it will look following submission.

Tip: Ideally the logo/crest  image should be a square image (or close to square) and be larger than 500x500 pixels for the best quality display within the ClubZap app. Twitter profile photos will do but they may appear slightly blurry when viewed within the app.

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