When a club connects their social media accounts with ClubZap it removes the replication for club admins in updating multiple communication channels. Once integration is completed a single click can update 4 channels of communication for your sports club: App + Website + Facebook + Twitter

  1. Login to the Admin portal here

  2. Ensure you are logged out of your personal Twitter page on your device

  3. Select Club Settings -> Social Media from the left hand menu

  4. Select “Connect Twitter” button.

5. Enter your clubs twitter handle and password.

6. Ensure you are logged into Twitter as the official club account. Following sign in you will be redirected to Twitter and asked to grant ClubZap permission to publish to your feed. We will never publish to your feed unless you expressly grant us permission when you are adding news, fixture or result items.

Note: Note: If you’re personal twitter is appearing instead of club twitter, logout of your existing account on that machine that you are working from and try again via the Admin.

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