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How to remove or downgrade an admin user?
How to remove or downgrade an admin user?

Downgrade an admin user to an editor or remove a user from access to your clubs account.

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An existing user can have their access privileges upgraded or downgraded by any user with Administration access to your account.

A user with Editor level privileges can only manage content such as news/fixtures and results. The have no view to membership payments or other revenue generated by the club via ClubZap. A club PRO would normally have Editor access while a Chairman or Treasurer for example would need Administrator access.

Downgrade an existing user from Administrator level to Editor level 

  1. Login to the Admin portal here

  2. From the menu go to Club Settings -> Admin Privileges

  3. Click on the "Make Editor" link for the corresponding account to downgrade the user and click ok to confirm the downgrade.

Remove access for a user to your ClubZap account?

If a person is no longer part of your clubs admin team you may wish to remove them from accessing your content management portal. This request should be routed to with the name and email address of the user you wish to remove. Alternatively you can contact our support team using the red chat button below.

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