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Managing your websites Photo Gallery
Managing your websites Photo Gallery

Creating new folders and adding new images to your photo gallery.

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The ClubZap powered website uses Flickr for hosting photos which ensures clubs have ample storage space for storing their images & videos. Your free Flickr account provides 1,000 photos.

Note: If you have not already create a Flickr account you can follow the steps at the bottom of this help fie.

Create a free Flickr Account

  1. Go to Flickr.

  2. Click Sign Up.

  3. Enter your name.

  4. Either enter your current email address

  5. Fill out your personal info.

  6. Click Continue.

  7. Verify your phone number or email address.

  8. Click Let's get started.

Upload photos and videos to Flickr

Back up or showcase your memories on Flickr. Everything you upload is saved to your Camera Roll.

Manually upload photos or videos

From a desktop web browser, upload to Flickr from any page.

  1. Click the Upload icon at the top identified by 

2. Click "Choose photos and videos to upload" or alternatively drag your photos from your computer folder/memory card onto the screen.

3. Select the "Add to Album" option on the left hand side. You can select to add to an existing album or create a new album.
Note: for housekeeping purposes if there are a large number of photos its best to create a dedicated album.

4. Select the album name you wish to populate with your photos and click Done.

5. Ensure the owner settings has a green filling in the box for "Visible to everyone".

6.Click the "Upload Photos" button on the top right of screen - It will indicate the number of photos you are uploading.
7. On the confirmation page ensure the Public check box is green and click Upload.

To view your photos on your club website - go to your website home page, select the More menu and Gallery link to view your photos. Your new folder should automatically appear on the list of albums - you may need to refresh the page (F5 key) to view..

Manage your albums

  1. Mouse over You | select Organize.

  2. Click the Albums & Collections tab.

  3. Click Create a new album, at the top.

  4. Enter a title and description in the left column.

  5. Drag content into the album area from the bottom.Click More options to search for specific tags, people, or a specific content type.

  6. Click Save.

Easily delete a photo album, without deleting the album's photos.

  1. Mouse over You | select Organize.

  2. Click the Albums & Collections tab.

  3. Double-click an album to open it.

  4. Click Delete this Album.

  5. Click Yes, delete to confirm.

Checking your Flickr Storage Status

Easily check how much storage space you've used and how much you have left in Flickr.

  1. Click your Buddy icon in the upper-right corner.

A gauge appears, showing you how much of your 1 Terabyte of space you've used.


What is my Flickr ID

This is required on the Settings page on the ClubZap admin portal when configuring Twitter

You can find the id here

by entering your url such as

Where username is your Flickr username

Making your photos public

By default all the images you upload will be private so will not be seen on your website. When you open the website to access your Photo Gallery:
More -> Photos
You will see an empty folder even though you have uploaded images. If you view your Flickr account as a public user (not logged in) you will see a message saying
"[Your Club Name] hasn't made any photos public yet."

Batch-editing Photos in an Album

  1. Select “You”.

  2. Click “Albums”.

  3. Click on the album you want to edit.

  4. Select “Edit in Organizer”. ...

  5. Select “Batch Edit” the “Change Permissions”.

  6. Choose “Only you (private)”.

  7. Allow your friends and/or family to see your images. ...

  8. Click “Change Permissions”.

Creating a free Flickr Account

Click the link here to setup your photo gallery for the website

Connecting your Flickr Account to your Website

  1. Login to the ClubZap admin portal using your email and password here 

  2. Select the Club Website link from the main menu and select Website Settings.

  3. Go to the Photo Gallery section.

Your Flickr user_id can be found in the URL of the webpage when you are logged into your Flickr account and click the You link in the header. It looks something like this 148934641@N05. Your default_gallery_id can be retrieved from the URL also, by going to your "Albums" and selecting the one you want to show by default on the Photos page. It should look something like 72157674699252301

Example view: Photo GalleryShow Photos: Allows you to enable/disable the Photos link on your website.

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