Managing Website Pages

Create/Modify/Delete/Order website pages including Contacts, Honours, About, History.

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Provided you have Admin access with the relevant privileges you can manage your club settings which define how your club website will appear. 

  1. Login to the ClubZap admin portal using your email and password here 

  2. Select the Club Website link from the main menu ans select Website Pages.

Note: If this link is not enabled please contact ClubZap Support via email or using the Messenger icon at the bottom of this page. 

3. The list of available pages are displayed with actions to:
Edit: Update the content of the corresponding page.
Enable: Add the page to the live website where it will appear under the More menu.
Disable: Remove the page from the live website.
Add Page: Create your own custom pages.


  • When disabling a page it will still exist on the ClubZap system an can be turned back on at any time.

  • An audit trail will exist for any page that has been previously edited so changes made can be rolled back.

Adding your own Custom Website Pages

  1. Select the Add a Page option

  2. Set the page Title which will appear in the Page Name column above for the list of website pages. 

  3. Define the Link Name which will appear in the More menu. Please keep this name to a single word to ensure the existing design exists.

  4. Fill in the page content in the editor which can include text, links, embedded photos and videos.

  5. When editing is complete select Create Page and your page will exist int he More menu on your website. 

  6. Enter the content in the editor and select update page save.

Remove a Custom website page

In the Website Page list click the Disable option beside the webpage name.

Reorder a Custom website page

In the position column shown below you can use the arrows to order your custom web pages. Note, the default created pages cannot be reordered

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