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Configuring your website settings
Configuring your website settings

Detail your club profile information such as location, colours, contact email etc.

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Provided you have Admin access with the relevant privileges you can manage your club settings which define how your club website will appear. 

  1. Login to the ClubZap admin portal using your email and password here 

  2. Select the Club Website link from the main menu and select Website Settings.

Note: If this link is not enabled please contact ClubZap Support via email or using the Messenger icon at the bottom of this page. 

Website Settings Data Fields

The Website Settings information is populated by our support team before your website becomes active but can be edited following this by your club administrator with relevant privileges.

The following settings are available:


Color Scheme: Select your club colors to customize your club website layout.

Contact Email: Main email address for the clubs contact which will appear on your website.

Foundation Year: The year your club was founded will appear on the main banner on each page on your website.

Show a temporary holding page: If you would like to hide your webpage until its fully populated you can hide the website while you work on it and display a temporary page.


Website Sub domain: Each club has a default ClubZap sub domain such as which can be used and shared publicly

Domain Name: Your registered domain name (e.g: is detailed here as part of the process of pointing an existing/new domain to your new site.


Favicon: That tiny image at the top of your browser window which is normally smaller version of your club crest saved in .ico format.


Location: This is used for setting the location(Latitude & Longitude) of your club on Google Maps which is displayed on the contact page. You can get the values from Google Maps by dropping a pin at your club and Right click on the pin and choose Whats here.
Example view: Contact Page

Photos: We use flickr for storing club photos. You can setup a free flickr account and all of your club's photos will then appear on the Photo Gallery on your new website. Your flickr user_id can be found in the URL of the webpage when you are logged into your account and click the You link in the header. It looks something like this 148934641@N05. Your default_gallery_id can be retrieved from the URL also, by going to your "Albums" and selecting the one you want to show first on the Photos page. It should look something like 72157674699252301. The gallery ID can also be seen on your website in the More -> Photos page and click on one of your folders. The following address will appear at the tio of your browser:
Paste this value 

Please contact ClubZap Support for any help in setting up the gallery or migrating the photos from an existing setup.
Example view: Photo Gallery

Show Photos
: Allows you to enable/disable the Photos link on your website.


Instagram Handle:  Adding your Instagram handle here will make the Instagram icon appear as a ink on your website banner. 

YouTube Channel:  Adding your YouTube handle here will make the YouTube icon appear as a ink on your website banner. 

Vimeo Channel:  Adding your Vimeo handle here will make the Vimeo icon appear as a ink on your website banner. 

The social media links for other platforms are detailed here:

Sample view of Website Banner showing Social Media Handle links


If you have an existing Google analytics account you can use this for recording your analytics or if you don’t have an Analytics account, create one as detailed here.
The tracking ID is a string like UA-000000-2. It must be included in your tracking code to tell Analytics which account and property to send data to.

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