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How do I manage my notifications?
How do I manage my notifications?
Customise your preferences for notifications based on team preference and news type.
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A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device. Clubs using our ClubZap platform can send them at any time; users don't have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them.
This ensures you are always up to date when new content is added by your club. You can customise notifications based on your own preference of Team choice or content choice (e.g: News, Fixtures, Schedules, Events, Results).

  1. Open the ClubZap app and select the Settings button

2. Select Notifications from the menu list
3. The green toggle button is a master on/off switch for all notifications, When this is on the circle is to the right and the list of choices is displayed.

4. Any items on the list with a tick beside them mean notifications are enabled for that type of content.
5. To manage notifications on a per team basis select the Teams option from the list to view your list of teams. Again any items with tick beside them means notifications are enabled for that team. 


  • You can have custom preferences for notifications on a per club basis also so For club A you could have News & Results enabled but for club B only have Results enabled.

  • The Club admin can override your notification settings in certain cases and send notifications to all the club followers. e.g: Emergency situations

  • If you have notifications disabled you will still see the content when you open the app - you will just not be notified when it is added. 


Why am i not getting push notifications on my iphone?

When installing the app originally you would have been prompted about receiving push notifications from ClubZap. If you decided against receiving notifications then this would explain why you are not notified about published content or chat events. To address this go to settings on your iPhone and search for ClubZap. Make sure notifications are turned on there.

Iphone Notification Settings

Go to Phone Settings, click on the ClubZap app (or find it under notifications), then on notifications


Go to Phone Settings -> Apps ClubZap -> Notifications

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