Inserting Images to your web pages

  1. Open the Custom page in the Club Websites Menu and Add Page.
  2. Via the Insert Menu select Insert/Edit Image
  3. Enter the source of the image - this will be where the image is stored in your photo gallery, in a google drive or on the internet. E.g: to put in the ClubZap logo you would set the source to:
  4. . Enter a short description of the image
  5. Clicking on the sizing edit box will give you the current sizing which you can change.
  6. Click OK to insert the image.

Example Source Address for image:

How to insert an image form Google Drive

If inserting an image from a Google Drive it would be similar to
where 1l3OPT7-WdctRjVbkvof_-kgi9rfzy73i is your file id. You append the file id onto the end of the link above.

Note: You can get the source address of an image by right clicking and selecting "Copy image Address".
If you wish to add a file/image from your local machine you can save it on a Google drive or send to the ClubZap support team to store it for you and provide a reference link.

Resizing Images

Note: You can also resize the image by dragging the corners when it is inserted. To save your changes click on Update Website button at the bottom of the page.

Aligning Images

To align images left, center or right select the image:
Format -> Formats -> Alignment

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