When a payee selects the option to pay for their product via instalments these payments are automatically debited based on the payment interval the club has configured for that product. (e.g: Monthly)

If a payment fails it will be retried automatically based on a schedule of retries determined using Smart Retries to optimize the schedule and number of retries. The Smart Retries feature attempts to retry the customer’s charge up to four times within a customizable period. Following this the payment enters an errored state and subsequently becomes a cancelled subscription. These failed payments can now be restarted by club administrators.

To begin the process login to the ClubZap admin portal and select the Products link from the menu and select "Product Sales".

  1. To view your cancelled subscriptions enter the word Cancelled in the search bar.
  2. Click on the payee name to view their payment profile.
  3. If the product sale is in an errored state you will first need to cancel the subscription as detailed here.
  4. If the payment is in a cancelled state you can restart the payment by clicking the buttons similar to what's highlighted in this screenshot below.
  5. Once the Restart Subscription option has been triggered an email will be sent to that members payment email address provided on original signup.

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