A prerequisite can be applied to an event which can be a consent form such as a permission slip for a trip or a medical consent form for returning to training. The forms are created by the club administrator on the ClubZap admin portal where different templates can be made available for selection. Each time a form is selected as part of an event creation it creates a clone of the original template and appends the

Event Name – Team Name – TimeStamp

onto the form so a unique form is available for each event if your reusing the same form each time. The group admin via the app can view how of the people on the event invite have completed the form while the club admin can view the details provided via the ClubZap admin portal.

  1. Open the app and go to the chat tab
  2. Click on the group you wish to send a message to.
  3. Click on the calendar icon at the bottom of the screen to create a new event form.
  4. Complete the form fields and in the Prerequisites section select Add
  5. Select the form available in the options section and click Done.

Prerequisites: This section allows a group admin to attach a form as part of an event invitation. This can be a consent form for a trip away or a medical consent check returning to training. The form would have been preconfigured by a club admin and made available for all group admins to select.

Note: if this form is required for future events where a player/parent can consent again you can select the same template again for each event.

When a prerequisite has been added to a new event such as a consent form the group admin can check who have completed that form.

  1. Open the app and go to the chat tab
  2. Click on the group for which you want to check responses.
  3. For the event click on the Complete now link which will provide the group admin with the option to complete their own form or view who has currently completed the form.

4. At the top of the form click on the View Completions link.

5. A list of all invited to the event and who have completed the form is now displayed. Any person who requires follow up based on the information they provided in their form is displayed with a status red.

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