1. Open your chat group and Click on the Complete Now option for your event. If you have submitted a form for an attendee already you will have the option to complete another form for a different attendee.

    Screenshot showing option to view completed forms or submit another form

2. If your group member status is Player you can fill in the form for yourself. If your group member status is Parent or Coach you can fill in the form for your kid(s) while a Coach can also submit a form for themselves. Select the attendee from the dropdown list.

Screenshot: Select attendee for form submission.

Troubleshooting -- Name not appearing on Covid form

If you are not seeing the option to select your name on the Covid Questionnaire or do not see your kids name on the Complete Now drop down list then you need to ensure your Group Status is set correctly as detailed here.

Most lightly cause is your status is set to Other instead of Coach or no child added to your profile.

A parent can add multiple kids to their profile and complete forms for each.

If you need to complete a form for yourself then your status should be set to Coach rather than parent and you can add your kid(s) names in this status also. Check this out to update your status and add kids names.


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