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Information on security tokens and browser timeouts?
Information on security tokens and browser timeouts?

Details how long a token associated with your purchase lasts to view your details and also how the browser now requires reauthentication

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How long are security tokens valid for?

Links emailed to members granting access to Memberships and Purchases will use tokens that are valid for only 4 hours. If the member follows an expired token, then they will see an error message, informing them that a new link has been posted to the email associated with their membership/purchase.

Once a membership or purchase has been accessed using a valid token, it will remain active in the member's browser for 24 hours, after which time they'll need to follow the tokenized link again to gain access.

How long does access to the Admin Portal last for?

Admins will be automatically logged out of the Dashboard after 12 hours of inactivity.


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