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What information is gathered on the Lotto sign up form?
What information is gathered on the Lotto sign up form?

Details information a user is asked for when joining your club lotto.

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The following fields are required when purchasing lotto online for your club:

  1. Name of Entrant

  2. Email address - for payment receipt and weekly results

  3. Phone Number - This can be optional but is useful to contact winners

  4. Number Selection

  5. Policy

Can the form include a request for a persons postal address?

In relation to storing addresses specifically, while it is definitely possible, we have generally taken the view (purely for GDPR purposes) to only store information on a "need to know" basis. As covered in the substantial data processing section of our contract with clubs, justification is made for every type of information we store. Where justification is "loose" the Data Protection Commissioner generally takes a negative view to storing such data on a subject. In this case, you the club are the data controllers (we are the processors) so the decision is completely up to the club.


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