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Websites - Integrating your existing Website with ClubZap
What options exist for integrating ClubZap with an existing Website?
What options exist for integrating ClubZap with an existing Website?

Wordpress Plugin, API, iFrames

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While ClubZap provides a website option (example here) for clubs which includes a customisable template, domain name management, hosting and SSL cert we acknowledge that clubs will often want the flexibility to create their own bespoke websites from 3rd parties such as WordPress.

We have made the process of updating 3rd party websites very simple by allowing clubs to connect these websites to our Content Delivery Engine so a single click on ClubZap will update your clubs app, Facebook, Twitter and Website.

What is the benefit of connecting your club website to ClubZap?

Integrating your club website with the ClubZap content Delivery Engine means that all your clubs content (News, Fixtures, Results) can be published via one platform (ClubZap) and a single click by your communications team (PRO) will see your content delivered to multiple platforms (APP, Facebook, Twitter, Website).

This ensures content published is uniform across all your platforms and without having to upload pages onto a website to update the website it means there is no longer any technical requirements for managing and updating your website. In fact most of the regular content that needs updating on your website such as Fixtures and Results can be done via the ClubZap app.

What are the options for connecting your existing website to ClubZap?

Option 1: Word Press Plugin

This plugin is for fetching Articles, Fixtures and Results of the ClubZap platform and display anywhere in the WordPress websites. This plugin is easy to use with the help of ShortCode.

Check out the user guide here

Option 2: JSON API

This API allows consumers access to News Articles, Fixtures and Results for ClubZap's client clubs and organisations. All request and response bodies use the JSON format.

Check out the user guide here

Option 3: iFrame

An inline frame (iframe) is a HTML element that loads another HTML page within the document. It essentially enables you to put another webpage (e.g: ClubZap products) within the parent page of your existing website.

Check out the user guide here

Example: Bedrock FC

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