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What insights and analytics are available on club lotto?
What insights and analytics are available on club lotto?

View how well your lotto is performing week on week and the revenue being generated based on configurable timelines.

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The Lotto dashboard on our admin portal provides details on lotto sales across a configurable time range.

This includes information such as

  • Revenue per draw (see below)

  • Average entries

  • Number of players

  • Lapsed players

Details on the different product performance is also available

Revenue Per Draw

When a club had draw products that are recurring, our revenue allotment used a simple heuristic to assign revenue from each subscription to each draw. We simply took the total amount paid by the player over the lifetime of their subscription and divided by the number of draws entered, or due to be entered, so far. Depending on the timing of the draws and the product mix (weekly, monthly payments, 3 for a fiver), and whether draws were ever deleted, this heuristic could generate variation from draw to draw. This is likely what is reflected here.

We've recently (January 2024) changed the way we assign revenue for draws. We now allocate each incoming payment to future draw revenue on a pro-rata basis, taking into account the number of entries and draws per payment. This will slightly change the numbers vs historical, as it's a different approach, but it should show better consistency as it beds in.

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