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Export of Sales and Membership not working.
Export of Sales and Membership not working.

IF your .csv file is failing to export to your local machine some reasons why here .....

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If you are exporting a member list or product sales list form your ClubZap admin portal and do not see the file downloading here are some things to try ...

  1. Ensure that you are using Google Chrome Browser which is recommended for accessing the ClubZap portal.

  2. Ensure that you are not on a work VPN or networkk that could be blocking downloads. Check if it works on your home machine or where you normally do your export.

  3. Ensure that automatic downloads are not blocked by your web browser.

  • Go to your browser setttings identified by button with 3 horizontal dots on top right of browser.

  • Click on Privacy and Settings and Site Settings

  • In the Recent Activity look for ClubZap and make sure Automatic downloads are enabled .. Allow

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