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I am not receiving the verification code?
I am not receiving the verification code?
As part of the install process a verification code is sent via text message (SMS) to your phone number.
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As part of the installation process you will be required to enter your phone number in order to receive a code to verify your registration. If you did not receive the SMS code here are some troubleshooting tips -

Verify you entered your phone number correctly
The phone number you entered to receive the text message to will be displayed on screen - If this is incorrect you can edit the number by selecting "I didn't get a code" and clicking on your number as highlighted below. This will give you the option to enter the correct number.

Alternative methods for receiving your code
If the phone number entered was valid and you still did not get the code you can request an alternative method for receiving the code:

  1. Get a Call - Code will be received in a voice call

2. Get code on Facebook - If your phone number is associated with your Facebook acount you can receive the code via a Facebook notification.

If you still have not received your code please contact:

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