To begin the process login to the admin portal and select the Membership -> Current Members link from the menu and select the "Add Packages" button.

Exporting Membership Records

Select your choice from the following:

Copy - This will allow you to paste the records in the table view to another application (e.g: email, notepad, excel etc)
Excel - This copies all the current member records to excel spreadsheet
CSV - exports the membership records to csv (comma separated value format)
Print - Sends the membership list as displayed in the table directly for printing

To customise your export fields or select a pre configured export format select the export button:

All Fields - Exports all the membership record fields
Custom Fields - Lets you select the fields you wish to export
Export Data - Saves file to csv format
Back - Returns you to main export options

Importing Member Records

Records from an existing system can be imported into the ClubZap membership DB provided they adhere to the required schema. For details on this please contact our support team. The input file type required will be .csv (Comma Separated Values).
Note: If your membership packages have consent checks for Parental Control or Club Policies etc remember to include this in the import file on a per record basis.

Manually Adding Individual Member Records

Go to Membership -> Membership Sales menu and select 

  1. Select Membership Package
  2. Enter Members Details
  3. Enter Amount Paid
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