Bulk upload of fixtures is available via the Admin Portal accessed here by clicking on the Fixtures link.

Import File Format

The import tool will only accept .csv files (save spreadsheet as .csv) and the format is as follows:

Click here to download template.


  • All Team Names listed in the Team column must be preconfigured on the ClubZap system as detailed here. An exact match must exist or the import will fail and the team name is Case Sensitive (e.g: Mothers & Daughters is not the same as Mothers and Daughters or u13 is not the same as U13).
  • All fields mandatory except Referee field
  • Date format is important and should be as above (dd/mm/yyyy) - 09/09/2019 as opposed to 9/9/2019
  • Time is in 24 hour (hh:mm) format with 0 padding for times prior to midday (i.e: 09:45 as opposed to 9:45)
  • Choices for Event Type are: League | Championship | Friendly
  • If an import fails due to an error with any fixture in the file then all the Fixtures in that .csv will be rejected. The invalid record will be identified based on the error returned which details the Row number(s) which caused the issue. 

When fixtures are added as a bulk upload the notifications will be sent out automatically by ClubZap as per our existing scheduling system detailed here.


1) System is complaining about an invalid date

Reason: The file being used has the date as D/MM/YYYY and times before 10:00 are not zero padded (i.e. 9:45 should be 09:45). 

2. The file is being rejected for bad formatting
When the file is converted to a csv there are a number of commas at the end of the file which need to be removed.

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