Note: All files being used as part of an import must be in .csv format.

  1. Login to the ClubZap admin portal here

  2. On the admin menu select Membership -> Current Members

  3. Select the Governing Body Interface button

4. Select your Association / Governing body:

5. Select the import option:

6. Drag and Drop the file you exported (members.csv) from Foireann begin the import or use the Click here option to browse for the file on your computer.

NOTE: If you get an error like Error - Bad File Illegal quoting in Line X

Check out the Solution in the Troubleshooting help file here.

7. The import report will detail the outcome of the process as follows:

The following are the Status Values:

Matched: These members have been updated with a valid GAA Foireann ID.

Previously Matched: These members already have a valid GAA Foireann ID stored on ClubZap.

Duplicates: These members are either duplicated on the GAA Foireann system or there was an ambiguous match in our data. Please checkout the Duplicates tab for details.

Skipped: These members do not have an 'identifier' from Foireann so they cannot be matched. If a large portion of your records are listed here you should raise an ticket with the Foireann Support Team.

Un-matched: Un-matched members can occur for two reasons.

  • (1) The member has not registered for the current season. As new members sign up you can re-run the import.

  • (2) Some member details may have changed since last year. In this case, you can manually update their GAA Foireann ID on CLUBZAP.

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