1. Login to the ClubZap admin portal here

  2. On the admin menu select Membership -> Current Members

  3. Select the Governing Body Interface button

4. Select your Governing body:

Note: This process will have to be repeated for GAA, LGFA and Camogie if you have multiple associations on your ClubZap platform or if you are a One Club organisation.

5. Select the export option:

6. Select Export Renewals to renew members who already exist in Foireann.  

7. Your renewal member list will now be exported to your computer using a naming convention as follows: GAA-Foireann-RenewMembers-xxxxxxx.csv where xxxxxxx is a unique timestamp for your file.

Note: Any exports from the system are logged for security reasons with your admin details recorded for the action. Please do not manually edit any export files.

The next stage is to import your file into the Foireann system as detailed here.

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